Wingback Chair Cover Installation Instructions

Wingback Chair Cover Installation Instructions

A  wingback chair cover allows you to alter the entire look of your wingback chair and protect it from daily wear and tear, pets and children without having to splurge on a completely new one.

There are numerous colors and patterns that you may choose from and that will suit your living space along with your personal taste. Now that you have received the recliner slipcover you wished for, here are some tips to follow so as to install it properly:

  • Begin by removing the seat cushion, then find each side of the first piece slipcover (bottom from top and each sides). Put the cover on your piece of furniture. Then focus on the seams on all sides and use them as your guidelines.

  • Try to adjust the slipcover's length by folding in the excess of the fabric on the bottom of your chair.
  • Take out the second piece (seat cushion cover) then place it on all four sides, start by placing the first two then continue for the rest and place it back on your chair. By doing so, the slipcover will stay still and will not slide back off, and finally, it is all done.

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