Sofa Cover Installation Instructions

Sofa Cover Installation Instructions

Now that the sofa cover you wished for has been delivered, any thoughts on how to install it?

Here are some tips sprung up to ensure a good fit and to help you get your sofa a neater look.


One piece cover:

 tips for how you can install your sofa slipcovers.

Step 1: Get rid of anything around the Sofa.

Step 2: Make sure that the tag is located at the back of the Sofa before you put the cover over top of it.

Step 3: After straightening up the cover on the Sofa, tuck in the extra fabric snugly into the crevices. Wedge foam rolls to provide stability and more rigidity to the cover.


Two-piece cover:

Step 1: Take off any pillows.

Step 2: Make sure to place the tag at the lower side back corner of the sofa before tucking the cover in.

Step 3: Center the cover over the sofa. Tuck the excess fabric between the cushions and the arms to help holding it down. Slip foam rolls into the sofa gaps to remove any creases that you dislike and to prevent it from sliding off.


Instructions for L-shaped sofas & modular sectionals

In order to install a modular sofa or L-shaped sofa, all you need to do is to take the sectionals apart and make use of various one-piece and two-piece covers to build out your sectional.

Taking into consideration the fact that modular sofas and the L-shaped ones are made of more than one piece, regard each removable section as an independent sofa and apply each slipcover separately. Then rearrange the separate parts back.

Note: Please make sure to refer to the size guide, select the size that fits each section relatively and install them separately before finally reattaching them.

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