How to Put on a Tub Chair Slipcover

How to Put on a Tub Chair Slipcover

 Cabrexa tub chair slipcover allows you to alter the entire look of your tub chair and protect it from the daily wear and tear, pets and children without having to splurge on a completely new one. There is a vast range of colors and patterns that you may choose from and that will suit your living space along with your personal taste.

Now that you have got the tub chair slipcover you were keen to receive, here are some tips to follow in order to install it properly:
  1. Take out the cover from the package. Start with locating the tag labeled “back” and make sure it is placed at the back of the tub chair.

  2. Put the slipcover around the top of the chair and pull it to the bottom of the chair’s back first. Then pull the slipcover down from the front side.

  3. Line up the seams of the back and the armrest.

  4. Tuck the excess fabric into the crevices of your tub chair and smooth out the material so there are no wrinkles.

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