How To Keep Sofa Cover In Place

How To Keep Sofa Cover In Place

As you will soon discover, the job isn't done until you've chosen the ideal color and purchased your new favorite cover and installed it on your furniture. You must also ensure that it does not slip, bunch, or appear shabby.

If this sounds like a dilemma you've had, don't worry; the following are some tested methods for keeping your covers in place.

1. Get Some Velcro Strips

Velcro is a great way to keep your sofa covers in place. Velcro of the highest quality is needed.

Step 1: Remove the sofa cover from the cushion and secure it with Velcro. If your fabric is thin, you can add more Velcro to the center and edges of the cover to keep it from slipping. Attach a single strip of Velcro to the middle of the sofa cover if the fabric is thick.

Step 2: Use Velcro strips to precisely match the back, sides, and arms of your chair. These are the places that are resistant to slipping, as you can soon discover.

Step 3: Place the seat cover in place. If you've used Velcro around the edges, it should match perfectly.

Note: gently pull the velcro off from the fabric before removing it. if you use quality velcro, you do not have to worry about any harmful residue; however, to avoid any problems, check the packaging when you go shopping for the item.

2. Make Use Of a Wooden Spoon

Since you only have one piece of sofa slipcover, you'll need to use a separate, more secure approach to keep it from slipping. A wooden spoon is needed.

Step 1: Extend the cover over your chair and tuck the excess fabric in at the back and arms to ensure that it is perfectly positioned with your sofa's shape.

Step 2: Squeeze in the bunched cloth as deeply as possible with the wooden spoon. Smooth the middle areas with the back of the spoon before pushing the edges into the creases.

Step 3: Finally, straighten the drawstrings along the chair's base to ensure the entire cover is safe.

3. Got Any Old Magazines

Rubber bands and old magazines are needed.

Step 1: Refer to the wooden spoon's first method.

Step 2: Roll several old magazine sheets into a tube and secure with rubber bands.

Step 3: Fit the cover into form by tucking the rolled newspapers in between the creases.

Step 4: Pressing down on the tubes until the cover matches the shape of your seat. Make sure it's secure enough to keep it from falling.

Note: do not use old newspapers; the ink will leave marks on your sofa, changing the color. also, rolling the magazines is important to avoid stretching the cover during the process. 

4. Cabrexa Extra Soft Foam Tuck Rollers

Since not all sofas are created equal, a sofa cover can often be too tight.

With most cases, we suggest correctly measuring your couch to guarantee you get the right size, as some 3-seater couches are actually oversized 4-seaters.

If in doubt, go for the larger model, and if you need a tighter fit, add in some extra soft tuck foam rollers to prevent your slipcover from slipping.


5. Make Sure Your Sofa Cover is The Correct Size

After discovering how to measure your sofa before purchasing a new sofa cover, use the measurements to ensure you get an upholster that perfectly suits your sofa.

Select a cover with a stunning view. Choose a color that goes well with the rest of the furniture pieces.

In terms of color, make sure the slipcover you choose does not fade easily when you clean it or from regular use. A red or blue cover, or a combination of the two, should suffice.


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