How Can You Buy Slipcovers?

It is an easy and effective way to change your home decor, which allows you to choose different styles with great flexibility on your budget.

What is great about it, is that slipcovers are available in many different sizes and for all types of furniture, which makes it a brilliant yet simple way to update your home and keep it in style all seasons.

So many people cannot replace their old furniture not only because of expense, but because they do not want to throw away a good piece of comfortable sofa or futon or even a chair, which is completely understandable. and which makes it a perfect solution. 

Be it an old over used sofa, a chair or maybe any piece of furniture that was given to you as a present, in the following section, we are about to give you some tips on how to find the perfect furniture covers for your home. 

Measuring your piece of furniture : 

Cabrexa slipcovers  are made for various types and sizes of furniture, so measuring right and applying some useful tips to do so is an important matter.

It is necessary to use a measuring tape, and to measure the longest part of your couch, including arms, then right down the width of upholstered arms. proceed by measuring the height of your piece of furniture.

Choose what suits you :

A slipcover that fits perfectly your furniture, will provide it with a seamless look that you will not be able to tell the difference. for example, slipcovers that drape or tie over furniture, stretch slipcovers that contain a bit of elastic for a better fit.

The color of your slipcovers matter :

Going for neutral shades will make it easier for you, as they will blend with most decors. however, choosing some bright prints to your living place will add a unique glam.

You must not forget to keep your draperies and your carpet in mind when selecting sofa or chair slipcovers to ensure that your furniture won't look out of place with the new coverings.

Choose the fabrics wisely :

If your furniture is constantly used, it is best to pick a slipcover that is washable, or stain-resistant. that will keep it protected in case you have young children. you must keep in mind that slipcovers for furniture come in nearly every fabric imaginable.