How To  Choose The Right Size Cover For Your Sofa

How To Choose The Right Size Cover For Your Sofa

You want to make your favorite sofa look brand new ? Slipcovers can  create a total new look in no time. However, getting a slipcover which meets your expectations in terms of color, pattern and size could be a heavy mission, but all it needs is following some easy steps.

There is a vast choice in picking a cover concerning color and style. You also have the space to fit them from the back, front, or sides of your Sofa. At the end of the day, you may veil the unwanted parts, areas with fading color, or the worn-out sections of your sofa.

Whether the stretch sofa slipcovers are the one you need or not, no worries! There are plenty of other covers with several sizes and colors which could be perfect for your love seat. All you require is a tape measure, together with a few instructions, to make sure you buy the upholstery that perfectly matches your Sofa.

1. Define The Size Of Your Sofa

How to Choose a Cover That Would Fit Perfectly Your Sofa

Figure out if you need a stretch fit sofa and cushion cover  that strongly hold your furniture or the upholster that is a little cool. Do you want your cushion covered as well?

In order to assure that you make the right choice of slipcover which exactly matches your couch. Firstly, you have to measure the length from a specific armrest to the other.

Secondly, you need to assess the depth from the front all through to the back. 

Finally, determine the height from the bottom to the top of your sofa’s cushion.

Moreover, you have to know whether the pillows are square or if they fold around the armrests.

2. Begin With Your Sofa Long

As a first step, measure the length of your sofa from a particular armrest to the other. It is very important to find out this length as it is the longest possible area the upholstery can fold.

Even though most slipcovers measurements are in inches, make sure to take your sofa's measurements in both centimeters and inches to warrant precision. Having the right dimension is the best method to guarantee your sofa covers don't unintentionally slip off.

Note: the diversity of color is not only available on sofa covers, but they are also vacant in tie and stretch formats. if you have a sectional sofa that requires extra room, it is better to go with a stretch cover.

3. Then Measure The Width

Define the width following the outsider corners. Start with the front exterior border of the armrest. Carry on  to the back corner and then go forward all-round the back of the seat. End up measuring at the front corner of the opposite armrest.

Ensure to precisely turn the tape around the seat to assure you attain an exact measurement. Slipcovers tend to bunch at the center, therefore the significance of precisely measuring the width of your seat.

4. Finally, Get The Full Height

Measure the back edge of the sofa from the bottom to the top to find out its entire height. This way, when you go shopping for your slipcover, you will select a needed one. 

It, nevertheless, does not mean you cannot purchase a new custom-made slipcover. styled with your preferred theme, pattern, and color, with this option, you are able to enhance the appearance of your sofa. You have to, however, be aware that they need more care compared to the universal ones.

5. Don't Forget The Cushions

When sizing the width of your pillow, do it when it is still on the settee. Meaning you measure the area beneath the armrest, from a particular side to the other. Measure it at the widest part of the seat to make sure it suits impeccably, this is especially important if the cover you're going to buy is going to be an exact match for your sofa.

From the bottom to the top, measure the height of your sofa's cushion. As a consequence, when it comes time to buy a cover, you'll be able to meter the lower part height of your seat.

6. Let's Sum up These Guidance in Easy Steps

You must include every part of your love seat when measuring and getting the perfect size of the cover. From the cushion's length to its height to its width.

Needed equipment : A tape measure.

Step 1:

Take a measurement of your sofa's length. Follow the outer side of the love seat from one armrest to the other in this manner. 

Step 2:

When your cushion is on the sofa, measure its width. It refers to the space underneath the armrests. Calculate the distance between two points on a single hand. To ensure that the sofa cover suits, you must also calculate the width.

Step 3:

Measure the width of your sofa. Continue along the same line to the back corner, starting from the front outer edge. Continue to measure all the way around the back of the sofa until you reach the front corner of the opposite armrest.

Step 4:

The height of your cushion should be determined. To do so, take a measurement from the bottom to the top of the.

Step 5:

Take a measurement of your sofa's maximum height. To determine the length of your sofa, calculate the height from the bottom back edge to the tip.

Note: Even though most sofa cover measurements are in inches, have the measurements in both centimeters and inches to be more precise.

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